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About Us

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the power of sharing, therefore we are dedicated to develop the technology to enable servers and cloud infrastructure to have cyber protection embedded into them from the lowest level by design

Our patent pending hybrid technology embedded into the host’s circuitry, monitors the physical and virtual memory in real-time, detects and mitigates malicious intents long before they become real threats.

Bringing realtime memory forensics capabilities to the first line of defense


Our Story

We live in a borderless openly sharing virtual society.

We acknowledge that sharing is the fuel of the future, but today, sharing comes with a price.

Our team’s accumulated experience in both the attackers side as well as a deep understanding of modern defense products, predict that the digital world is going to experience the cyber equivalent to COVID-19 pandemic before the end on this decade.

Modern cyber defenders are fighting a losing battle trying to protect hundreds of scattered endpoints, with little to none true visibility, surrounded by protection products which are getting more and more complex to operate and control, against adversaries who always enjoy the upper hand

Existing solutions rely on the fact that they completely or partially coexist with the threats inside the same host they are protecting. Hopelessly balancing between performance, visibility and usability. Inevitably exposed to countless software level bypass techniques, suffer from code born vulnerabilities and the data they protect is as recoverable only to the last backup.

OUR solution is a paradigm shift in the endpoint protection market. our patent-pending hybrid technology enables every smart device to have separate internal resources completely dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and detecting malicious intents and mitigate them long before they become a real threat.

Our Vision

Cymdall technology in every smart device
Making the digital world safe again

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